Compatible Printheads Now at the Triton Store!

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Big News!

The Triton Store is now carrying compatible thermal printheads for all of your printing needs! These printheads are made with quality materials and designed to be the perfect replacement for your thermal label printer.

Many of you won’t know what compatible printheads are or maybe have only heard of them in passing. Below are some frequently asked questions we have put together to help you understand them better and see if they are the right product for you (spoiler alert – they should be!).

What are Compatible Printheads?

Compatible printheads are a cost-effective alternative to the original manufacturer’s (OEM) printheads. They are made with quality materials and designed to be a perfect replacement for your thermal label printer.

Why Choose Triton's Compatible Printheads?

There are many reasons to choose our compatible printheads. Any product you purchase needs to have a balance of quality, and price. The compatible thermal printheads that Triton supplies have both! They also come with a 1-year warranty.

At Triton, we have been supplying, installing and servicing thermal label printers since 1984. Over the years we have rigorously tested a large number of compatible printhead manufacturers at various times. Many of them whilst cheaper than the OEM’s do not have the same quality so, in essence, you got what you paid for. The good news is the compatible printheads Triton supplies cost less than the OEM’s and in almost all cases perform better than the OEM printheads.

This means you are getting better value for money, for a better product.

Almost all the customers we supply our compatible printheads, use them once and never go back to the OEM’s. Our customers are saving thousands of dollars and getting a better product experience.

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Why did Triton Decide to Supply Compatible Printheads?

Two words. Supply chain. It was not an easy decision however one we were simply forced into due to ongoing supply chain issues of 2020 and 2021. During this period, orders to the OEM channels were taking up to 6 months or more. We are not pointing fingers as we are all in the same boat with the supply chain woes, but we had to think of our customers. It was simply an untenable situation with customers facing significant crises in their operations through a lack of critical parts. The compatibles we supply have a significantly more reliable supply chain.  The silver lining to all of this is we have found an amazing new product line for our customers.

Are Compatible Printheads an Inferior Product?

Sadly in most cases, they are. At Triton, we have had our fair share of bad experiences with them over the years. However, the compatible thermal printheads that we supply are not inferior. They have been rigorously researched and tested to ensure they meet or exceed the exact same standards of OEM printheads.

This means you will get a long-lasting, reliable compatible thermal printhead that is less money than an original manufacturer’s (OEM) product!

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What Makes Triton's Compatible Printheads so Good?

Triton is not just an online store selling boxes. We have a large technical team with hundreds of years of collective experience. We supply our products all day every day, but we also install, maintain, and service a lot of them too. Our software solution has been utilising thermal label printers since 1984. We have deep experience in what makes thermal label printers work well. With this experience, we have waded through the inferior products available spending significant time researching and testing them. From this exercise, we have picked what we believe is simply the best manufacturer in the market (by some margin), and supply them directly to you. We stand firmly behind the compatible printheads line we supply.

This means you will get a long-lasting, reliable compatible thermal printhead that is less money than an original manufacturer’s (OEM) product!

How do I tell if I am Purchasing and OEM or a Compatible Printhead on the Triton Store?

For compatibles printheads on our store, the product image will have “Compatible” clearly printed across. In addition, the product description will clearly state what you are purchasing.

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Wrapping Up

We hope our FAQ’s have helped answer your questions. If for any reason they have not, please drop us an email or contact us through the store through the Live Chat. We really do like helping customers, it’s why we are here!  Visit your favourite printhead page to see what is available.


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