We've Been Hardware Solution Experts Since 1984

Triton is a world-leading supplier of innovative proprietary software and hardware solutions for food processing. Across the globe, we offer a range of services, including data capture and production management software for the food processing sector, data capture hardware, and hardware solutions to help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve safety for your operation.

The items we select in our New Zealand online store are there for a reason. We know how these products work because of the deep insight gained from years of experience implementing, deploying and integrating the hardware every day. This first-hand knowledge sets us apart as experts who can help you make an informed decision when purchasing your next product.

Our mission is to provide superior service through our product portfolio and technical support services – open-mindedness when dealing with customers’ challenges – continuous innovation by investing in research & development – employee satisfaction by providing a supportive work environment.

We thrive on creativity and cooperation because we believe this creates better customer solutions.

I look forward to our team doing business with you.


Michael Burke
Triton Commercial Systems

About The Triton Group

Triton is a full service operator, with five distinct areas offering customers a 360 degree service experience. Triton provides the right advice, products and solution with expert delivery capability and technical support.


Software Solutions

Over 35 years of industry experience & knowledge is built into our cutting edge software solutions, bringing together experience and technology to give our customers the solutions they need to manage their food processing operations.

Our software is hardware independent and modular meaning customers can select the packages they want, depending on their needs, and combine them with our FUSION platform, bringing centralised access, visibility and control to their solution.  Click on the link to visit the Triton Software website


Hardware & Automation

Hardware is the platform and backbone that enables software solutions to reach their potential. For over 35 years Triton has been designing and manufacturing their own exclusive proprietary range of solutions such as auto weigh label systems, carton stations, touchscreens and much more, as well as integrating a wide range of leading third party hardware providers into our solutions.
Our hardware knowledge is utilised as part of a total solution, providing our customers with a huge edge to ensure their technology reaches and exceeds its potential.  Click on the link to find out more about Triton Hardware Solutions in the online store.


With a large online presence and wide range of items, Triton’s online store has the hardware, consumables, tags and label needs of our customers well and truly covered. Triton is not just a store which stocks and ships products, it is backed by our 37 plus years of food processing industry experience and is stocked with brands and items which perform their function and are built to last.
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Delivery & Support

We stand behind our products with comprehensive 24/7 support. With 6 operating bases over New Zealand and Australia, and over 100 years of collective industry experience in the support team, our customers are in safe hands when issues arise. Calls to our help line are answered by a trained technician who is qualified to solve your problem, and all members of our support team are focused on ensuring downtime is minimised.
We also provide onsite and remote access support, so issues are resolved as quickly as possible. All our clients on maintenance plans regularly receive routine maintenance schedules for Triton and related equipment, so breakdowns are eliminated or reduced.

Customer Solutions

As part of our commitment to our customers’ success, our solutions team is focussed on bridging the gap between the customer and the technology. Providing expert consulting and advice, business and process analysis, and outstanding customer support, our solutions team is committed to outstanding results for our customers.

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Our Mission

Triton is committed to streamlining hardware and software systems. As part of that commitment, we provide our customers easy access to cutting edge, rock solid, reliable, food production management technology solutions in most cases with little to no upfront capital investment.