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Honeywell Printers

Triton offers a range of leading Honeywell Thermal Label Printers.

From 1971 the Intermec brand provided barcode scanning and printing solutions.  In 2012, Intermec was acquired by Honeywell, but continues to lead the way in data capture technology through their joint patented equipment now branded under Honeywell.

We also have a comprehensive Thermal Printer Buyers Guide to help you select the best model printer for your application.

Printer Model
Printer Model
Print Resolution
Print Resolution
PC42E-TB02200 Honeywell PC42E-T TT 4 inch 203DPI Printer
In Stock
Honeywell PC42E-T TT 4 inch 203DPI Printer
$365.00 excl. GST
Honeywell PD45S Printer
Available to Order
Honeywell PD45 Printer 300 DPI
$2,075.00 excl. GST
Honeywell PD45S Printer
In Stock
Honeywell PD45S Printer 203 DPI
$1,575.00 excl. GST
Honeywell PD45S Printer
Available to Order
Honeywell PD45S Printer 203 DPI + Colour Touchscreen
$2,435.00 excl. GST
Honeywell PD45S Printer
Available to Order
Honeywell PD45S Printer 203 DPI + LTS + Rewinder + Peel Off
$2,930.00 excl. GST
Honeywell PD45S Printer
Available to Order
Honeywell PD45S Printer 300 DPI
$2,525.00 excl. GST
PD45S Printer 300 DPI
Available to Order
Honeywell PD45S Printer 300 DPI + Colour Touchscreen
$2,685.00 excl. GST
Honeywell PD45S Printer
Available to Order
Honeywell PD45S Printer 300 DPI + LTS + Rewinder + Peel Off
$3,175.00 excl. GST
In Stock
Honeywell PM45 Printer 203 DPI
$2,290.00 excl. GST
Honeywell PM45 Printer
Available to Order
Honeywell PM45 Printer 300 DPI
PC45T000000200 Honeywell Printer PC45T 203DPI Thermal Transfer ETH
Available to Order
Honeywell Printer PC45T 203DPI Thermal Transfer ETH
$1,785.00 excl. GST

All About Honeywell Printers

Honeywell thermal printers are known across the world for their trustworthiness, user friendliness, and excellent performance. Featuring cutting-edge technologies and built upon the strong legacy of two former industry thermal printer leaders – Datamax-O’Neil and Intermec – Honeywell printer models guarantee the highest printing quality.

Honeywell offers a comprehensive selection of thermal printing solutions to help organizations increase thermal printing efficiency and improve business standards. Their printer models include light-duty to ultra-rugged desktop, industrial, and mobile printers, making them suitable for any environment or print application.

In addition, Honeywell provides accompanying printer software, print supplies, repair services, and spare parts to support their thermal products. With these resources available, businesses can easily create on-demand labels, documents, or receipts with minimal disruption.

Types of Honeywell Label Printers

Honeywell provides a wide selection of thermal label printers suitable for different print applications and increasing production efficiency. These printers are available with either direct thermal or thermal transfer printing or both print technologies combined in the same device.

Here’s a quick overview of the types of thermal printers Honeywell offers.

Desktop Printers

Desktop printers are an ideal choice for small workspaces such as retail stores or offices, as they are compact and lightweight enough to move around easily. These printers don’t require special installation or IT support and offer advanced connectivity options, including USB, ethernet, WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth.

Desktop printers are great for light duty labelling applications and have slower printing speeds and smaller label capacity than other printers.

Honeywell desktop barcode printers provide the perfect solution for various light-duty printing needs, with options to accommodate heavy-duty industrial printing applications. Their user-friendly designs, versatility, and advanced features make them a top choice for many businesses.

Whatever your needs, Honeywell offers desktop printers that are designed to meet them: from economic models to rugged models that can handle tough environments. With their intuitive controls, flexible configurations, and smart printing capability, Honeywell desktop printers offer the best performance and reliability for label, ticket, and tag printing.

Honeywell desktop printers are categorised according to the print method (direct thermal or thermal transfer) and printer media type (label, ribbon, or tag roll). The brand also offers desktop printer models that support direct thermal and thermal transfer print technology in the same device.

Honeywell Desktop Printers
Honeywell Industrial Printers

Industrial Printers

Industrial printers are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments and have rugged construction for high-performance and high-volume printing applications. They feature larger ribbon capacities, faster print speeds, and advanced features such as RFID encoding, touch-enabled colourful TFT, or LCDs.

Industrial printers can easily handle multiple and heavy workloads, giving them an edge when it comes to productivity. With their various options and accessories, they can be tailored to meet the specific thermal printing needs of any industrial situation.

The Honeywell industrial label printer family is the ideal choice for businesses that require the highest level of performance. Not only are these printers renowned for their durability and reliability, but they are also equipped with features that make them incredibly user-friendly.

Along with advanced networking, security measures, and RFID and liner-less technology, these printers can manage applications from low-volume commercial use to long-term heavy printing needs. With Honeywell industrial label printers, businesses can be assured of error-free printing and reliable operation.

Honeywell industrial printer models are available in direct thermal, thermal transfer, and dual-mode configurations that can print using both direct thermal and thermal transfer technologies.

Mobile Printers

Mobile printers provide a practical, portable printing solution for individuals who need to print documents on the go, such as field service workers. These devices are equipped with a built-in battery, allowing them to be used without needing to be plugged into an electrical outlet.

In terms of connectivity, mobile printers usually feature Bluetooth, NFC, and WiFi, with some models offering additional ports such as USB host ports, ethernet interfaces, and microSD card slots. While these printers are not intended for large-scale printing tasks, they can be utilised for on-demand, low to mid-volume printing requirements.

Honeywell mobile printers offer a reliable, rugged solution for on-the-go receipt and label printing. They have been designed to be energy efficient, with long-lasting battery power, allowing them to excel even in the toughest conditions. Their robust construction stands up against dirt, water, extreme temperatures, and drops for reliable performance.

With Honeywell’s mobile printers, you can be sure that your print needs will be taken care of wherever and whenever necessary. Honeywell mobile printers are categorised based on the printer media type they support, which includes.

  • Linered
  • Linerless
  • Receipt
  • Tag
Honeywell Mobile Printers

Who Makes Honeywell Printers? A Brief About Honeywell Technologies

Honeywell Technologies Inc. is a renowned developer and manufacturer of thermal barcode printing solutions and other data capture products. The company was established in 1906 by Mark C Honeywell. Today, Honeywell Technologies has grown to become one of the most prominent conglomerates in the world.

Honeywell Technologies offer various products and services tailored to both commercial and industrial sectors, including.

  • Aerospace and travel
  • Commercial real estate
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Life sciences
  • Logistics and warehouses
  • Retail
  • Utilities for carbon neutrality

Honeywell Technologies Inc. is a publicly traded American company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. It was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: HON) and was moved to Nasdaq in 2021. Honeywell was included among the highly esteemed 30 components that comprised the Dow Jones Industrial Average between 1999 and 2008 and was re-included in the group in 2020.

Honeywell Technologies has made a number of acquisitions and mergers over the years to expand its product portfolio and global presence.

One of their most significant purchases that helped Honeywell enter the automated identification and data capture industry (AIDC) was their acquisition of Intermec Technologies in 2013 for a reported sum of $600 million. 

Intermec, founded in 1966, was known around the world as a premier provider of AIDC technologies such as barcode scanners, printers, mobile computers, RFID systems, voice recognition systems, and life-cycle services.

Honeywell Technologies made another notable purchase in 2013 when it acquired Datamax-O’Neil for $185 Million. Datamax-O’Neil was the barcode and mobile printing business of Dover Corporation’s Engineered Products segment. With this acquisition, Honeywell gained access to Datamax-O’Neil’s renowned portfolio of stationary, portable, and mobile label and receipt printing solutions.

Today, Honeywell Technologies has a worldwide presence and continues to provide an innovative, scalable solution that meets the needs of its customers. Their products are used in various industries, including logistics, healthcare, retail, hospitality, distribution center, manufacturing, and transportation.

With its portfolio of thermal label printers, Honeywell Technologies is at the forefront of providing reliable, cost-effective and high-quality label printing to meet the needs of any business.


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