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Rugged Barcode Scanners

Rugged Barcode Scanners are scanners that typically have the same features as General Barcode Scanners, but with added design characteristics of resilience and toughness. Dirty, dusty, moist and wet conditions can naturally hinder a scanner’s life-span, and consequently, your financial investment. Many Rugged Scanners withstand dust and moisture, as well as offer much better impact resistance, enabling workers to capture and access information and data in practically any harsh environment, whilst not compromising your assets lifespan.

Barcode Scanner Attributes
Barcode Scanner Attributes
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The Zebra Ultra Rugged 3600 Series

Zebra ultra-rugged scanners made their name for good reasons. Made for the special demands of industrial, manufacturing and warehouse jobs, these rugged barcode scanners withstand extreme environments, read at spectacular distances and rates, and offer employees continuous, full-shift power.

The Zebra 3600 rugged scanners are specifically made to capture data regardless of barriers, read labels at great distances, that are damaged, or perhaps even covered by shrinkwrap. Even in these challenging conditions, the scanners will read swiftly and efficiently to meet strict deadlines.

With the Zebra 3600 rugged barcode scanner series, you keep your operation going plus streamline fleet management with real-time analytics, backed with the assistance of Zebra specialists with rugged enterprise intelligence behind you.

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Honeywell Ultra Rugged Granit Series

From rugged warehouse settings to ultra-rugged outside work locations, you can count on the Honeywell Granit rugged, industrial grade, barcode scanner to deliver unrivalled asset longevity and dependability.

  • Enclosed in water and dustproof casings
  • Rubberised to minimise destruction from drops or tumbles
  • Specifically constructed to deal with typical problems in various vertical markets and settings – outdoors, around severe chemicals, and rugged mobile tasks
  • Additionally ideal for busy, high-volume barcode scanning
  • Wired as well as cordless rugged scanners offered
  • Offered in Bluetooth ® wireless offering flexible mobility as much as 100 m (330 ft) from the base


Whether for up close, arm-length, or extended-range scanning, selecting the ideal rugged barcode scanner for your requirements is vital to obtaining an excellent return on your investment as well as decreasing your total expense of ownership. The Honey Granit rugged scanner series is a great choice to meet your objectives.  

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