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Mobile Terminals

Utilising a Mobile Barcode Scanning Terminal either in-hand or attached to a forklift or other vehicle, employees can access a vast range of pertinent information, applications as well as individuals they require to do their job. The outcome? Enhanced effectiveness through mobility and getting the job done more effectively in less time. 

Mobile Terminal Scanners come with a range of features and add-ons including but not limited to Standard Range, Extended Range, Wireless, Andriod, Windows CE, and more.

Zebra PDT MC930B-G + Extended Range
In Stock
Zebra PDT MC930B-G + Extended Range
$5,295.00 excl. GST
MC930P-GSHDG4RW Zebra MC9300
In Stock
Zebra PDT MC9300P + Standard Range + Camera
$3,250.00 excl. GST
Zebra PDT MC92N0-G
Available to Order
Zebra PDT MC92N0-G
$5,749.00 excl. GST
Zebra-4-slot-battery-charger-MC9300 CRD-MC93-4SCHG-01
Available to Order
Zebra MC9300 4 x Battery Charging Dock
$595.00 excl. GST
Zebra MC91 MC92 Single Charge Dock CRD9000-111SES
Available to Order
Zebra MC91/MC92 Single Charging Dock Kit
$525.00 excl. GST
In Stock
Honeywell PDT CK65 2D Short Range
$1,995.00 excl. GST
In Stock
Honeywell PDT CK65 2D + Camera
$2,795.00 excl. GST

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