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Cut Station – Piece Weigh Label and Totalise

Triton’s Benchtop Cut Weigh Label Systems are supplied with a trade approved multi-range scale to provide exceptional flexibility and accuracy (2 grams to 6kg and 5 grams to 15kg).

The units come in single and dual printer options with dual printers being the most popular.

Dual Printer Option
With the dual printer option the first printer caters for the individual item or piece label and the second printer produces the label for the totalised carton.

Single Printer Option
In instances where the same label is used for the individual piece and the carton label is generated later in the process, the unit can be supplied as a single printer station.

The fully self-contained station comes standard with a single waterproof plug requiring a 240V 10 Amp waterproof power socket and a single Ethernet network cable for connection to the plant network.

The units are full stainless steel to suit food processing environments and are built to remain in the room where full washdown occurs.

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