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Triton Printer Strategy

Please see in this blog post important information about Datamax End of Life, Triton’s exciting new partnership with Zebra, and what this means for our customers with a Triton Software Solution.

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Datamax End of Life

As you are likely aware by now, Honeywell announced earlier this year that all Datamax Printers will go End-Of-Life (EOL) on 31 December 2021 (apart from the I-Class which has been given a 6 month extension).

We wish to advise all existing clients that we will continue to support your current Datamax investments where possible. Current supply chain challenges aside, we have been advised that Datamax parts, including printheads, will be available till the end of 2025 apart from the A-Class, which is much sooner, the end of 2022.

Forward Purchasing for Parts

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Due to the microchip and shipping crisis, there is a worldwide shortage of printer parts with the Datamax EOL status only exacerbating the issue further.

Significant delays and unavailability of parts is a current reality on all Datamax equipment and parts with delays anywhere between 16-24 weeks. Triton has built up stocks wherever possible to ensure your operations remain unaffected. Holding some parts and spare units would seem a reasonable strategy on your behalf so you are not affected.

We recommend that you discuss your spare parts and replacement strategy with your Triton Customer Solutions Consultant ASAP so that we can plan and agree on the best approach for your business on a case by case basis. Some clients are purchasing complete spares to ensure they can keep going with their Datamax footprint into the future until a total replacement of the fleet is conducted. In the current supply shortage for parts and printers, this is prudent. Others are considering a phased replacement approach next year. There are pro’s and con’s with each strategy so please set up a time to discuss this with your Customer Solutions Consultant, so you can understand the implications.

Last Orders for Datamax!

Last Orders

Final orders can only be placed for Datamax models until the end of December 2021.

Time is fast running out; please act now and don’t be disappointed!

Big News! Triton & Zebra Partnership

Triton Zebra Handshake V2

Taking nearly 4 months Triton has conducted an extensive hardware and software testing process with all the latest industrial printer models from the big name brands, including Honeywell’s recommended Datamax replacement models.

Triton is excited to announce that Zebra is our recommended printer/print engine for our solution. We will also support Honeywell’s new replacement desktop models for the Datamax models should you wish to continue down that path.

Our extensive testing and analysis was scored on the following criteria which Zebra clearly came out on top;

  • Process speed for first label out
  • Build quality
  • Availability and reliability of supply
  • Field serviceability
  • Value
  • Combined Desktop and print engine offering
  • Forward compatibility with cabling and stainless enclosures


Clients under our Software Upgrade Partnership Program (SUPP) or that subscribe to software will be able to upgrade to a version of software that supports Zebra Printer Language (ZPL) early 2022.

Your Triton Customer Solutions Consultant

One final reminder! Please get in contact with your Customer Solutions Consultant, have a conversation, and lets make a plan together to ensure your operations are not adversely affected in these difficult times.

James Hawke
09 579 2057
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