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Automatic Weigh Price Applicator

Weigh Price Labelling Overview

  • High printing speeds of up to 255 mm (10 inches) per second
  • A 10.4-inch color touch panel for smooth operation, featuring clear error messaging for every setting and a label formatting function
  • 9 air cylinder arms for accurate label placement at high speed, even for unusual package and label shapes
  • An air-based under labeller, that ensures the underside labels are always properly and neatly secured

The Automatic WPL-AI weigh price labellers maximise production throughput, efficiency and flexibility, plus they also optimise label presentation. They are simple to operate and easy to clean, yet save valuable time, space and money.

Optional Extras

Remote Assistance
Remote assistance enables your own specialist or Ishida support staff to access the machine’s screen via your network and the Internet. Settings screens and operation logs can be accessed to assist you quickly and efficiently.

Metal Detector
With the optional integrated metal detector, products are checked for metal contamination. Contaminated products are not labelled and can be rejected using the optional reject unit.

Reject Unit
The optional reject unit rejects products that do not meet the weight requirements or are metal contaminated. The optional bin is available as single or double compartment bin, allowing separation of metal-contaminated products.

Special Applications
Full communication with factory systems – this allows seamless integration into factory systems already existing on site.

  • Product ID systems are available on application
  • Multiple product run with tray colour detection
  • Multiple product run with invisible marking
  • C-wrap labels and sleeve labels

Automatic Price Weigh Label System Features

Air Jet Applicator

Ishida WPL AI Air jet applicator

At a print speed of up to 300mm/sec the WPL-AI is one of the fastest machines of its kind on the market. Make the most of high-speed printing by using the high-speed air jet applicator which is ideal for flat top products.

Plunger Applicator

Ishida WPL AI Plunger applicator

Independently moving flexible fingers emulate the action of the human hand for perfect label application on curved and slanting products. The plunger applicator copes equally well with products that vary in height from pack to pack.

Spacing Conveyor with Motorised Infeed Guides

Ishida WPL AI Spacing conveyor with motorised infeed guides

Products are automatically separated for optimum performance, and aligned with the self-positioning guides to enable accurate label placement.

Self-Adjusting Side Belts

Ishida WPL AI Self Adjusting Side Belts

Ishida’s unique infeed side belt system is unbeatable in dealing with irregularly shaped products such as joints and whole birds. The side belts adjust to the product width on the fly to ensure that every product is placed centrally on the conveyor system, resulting in consistently accurate label placement.

Multi-Rank Weighing

Ishida WPL AI Multi rank weighing

The WPL-AI’s multi-rank weighing feature allows you to run a variety of products concurrently by ranking incoming products by weight or input signals (e.g. colour of tray, height of product). Each rank carries its own tare weight, ingredients text, label layout, price, catch/average-weight mode selection, printer allocation, etc. In effect, this features gives you two or more weigh-price-labellers in one.

Label Cassettes

Ishida WPL AI Label Cassettes

Label change/replenishment is very quick thanks to Ishida’s unique label cassettes. Operators can prepare all labels for the next production run in advance. Changing the cassette on the printer takes just a few seconds.

Automatic Printer Positioning

Ishida WPL AI Automatic Printer Positioning

Product changeovers are fast and straightforward. The printers and infeed guides move automatically to match the desired label positions. No mechanical adjustments are required.

Efficient and Reliable Operation

Ishida WPL AI Efficient and reliable operation

The WPL-AI’s special thermal head is one of the most durable available and an innovative label feeding mechanism allows for easy changeovers. This ensures consistently accurate label presentation, reduced label waste and minimum operating costs.

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This Video shows the Price Weigh Label Applicator system in action with bulky variable size product.  Please note this is also showing the sort and reject options.

This following video is of the older version of the WPL-AI (the WPL-5000) but shows the label application and product presentation methods that are used in the WPL-AI.

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