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Carton Weigh Label Station

Triton’s Carton Weigh Label Systems are supplied with a trade approved 60kg scale and gravity rollers as standard for the production recording of outers or cartons (20 grams up to 60kg).

The stainless steel floor frame is assembled to suit your line either left hand or right hand to ensure maximum efficiency and speed. The floor frame has adjustable feet to ensure matching the height of your production line and the scale can be levelled to ensure optimum weighing speed and accuracy.

The standard frame supports a single scale, indicator, touchscreen and printer enclosure whilst dual printer enclosure and second scale swing arm options are available.

The fully self-contained station comes standard with a single waterproof plug requiring a 240V 10 Amp waterproof power socket and a single ethernet network cable for connection to the plant network.

The units are full stainless steel to suit food processing environments and are built to remain in the room where full washdown occurs.

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