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Checkweigher AD4961 600g

We believe good things can be found in small packages. If you are seeking a mighty checkweighing solution for your food production facility with a small form factor the AD4961 600g Checkweigher is the best choice.  This checkweighing system can accomplish production speeds of 400 items per minute with a total system length of under 3 feet!

The 600g food grade in-line Checkweigher is designed as a modular solution and it is easy to fit right into your existing production line.  Triton has significant experience gained over 35 years in delivering quality projects like this to food production facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

This solution is perfect for products such as precision machined components and also applications in meat processing, fish, poultry, fresh produce, bakery and much more.


  • Capacity: up to 600g
  • Resolution: .1g
  • Repeatability: 1g +/-

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