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Food X-Ray Machine

The ProteX X-ray series can operate specifically for you to identify food contaminants like plastic, metal, bone, and glass, in addition to determining missing components, misshaped products and also many more innovative and advanced features

3 model options are available

Please see the brochure for detailed specification and differences between models, or reach out to our customers solutions team and we can help!

Food X-Ray Inspection Machine Features

  • Enhanced customer security
  • Brand name protection and also recall reduction
  • Food safety and security conformity
  • Advanced Algorithms
  • Developed for more than simply contaminants | Additionally offers mass estimation, shape detection, as well as part verification
  • Compact Design | The smallest in class to enable simple in-line integration with negligible reconfiguration of existing equipment
  • Easy to Read Display | A 15-inch color touchscreen offers operators with a vivid display for checking out high-resolution images
  • Streamlined Product Configuration | Marginal inputs from the operator makes configuration and also changeover easy
  • Quick-ship Readily available | For manufacturers that require product inspection systems within a few weeks
  • Increased ROI | Reject classification permits the user to see trends in real time as well as correct problems upstream from the X-ray

Food X-Ray Inspection Examples

The ProteX X-ray inspection system for food processers offers product inspection functions that can not be achieved by metal detection or checkweighing.

Missing Product Detection

X-Ray Inspection in Food Safety, Production & Processing Missing Products

In situations when the total weight of a product is within tolerance, X-ray can be utilized to visually check as well as reject a product if there is missing out on product inside the product package.

Shape Detection

x-ray in food production Shape Detection

X-ray can be utilized to discover inconsistencies and variances in products that need to be rejected, like damaged or imperfect products.

Package Inspection

x-ray in food safety package inspection

In circumstances where the product changes in the course of the production process, it might be necessary to examine the seal of the product.


x-ray in food production masking

Products with clips as well as oxygen absorbers can be masked to look for presence and also prevent a false detection.


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