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CTW-D500 Manual Linerless Label Applicator

Manual Linerless Label Applicator Features
  • Customized over-printer and dispenser for Clear Thermal Linerless
    Wrapping Label
  • Dispense and present a label to apply on products efficiently
  • Ideal for ready meals, baked goods and fresh fruits or vegetables.
  • Print any type of barcode, ingredients and nutritional panel to suit
    supermarket requirements


Linerless Label System Overview

The CTW-D500 is a flexible means of overprinting linerless labels in-line to avoid having lots of capital tied up in expensive pre-printed label stocks. For the small to medium specialty packers, the CTW-D500 incorporates thermally overprinting anywhere on the label providing a high quality, flexible print option with hand application. The transparent clear film can be pre-printed to enhance, protect and ensure your product stands out on the shelf ahead of the rest whilst ensuring some of your product is visible to the quality conscious consumer.

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