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CTW-B50 Semi Automatic Linerless Label Applicator

CTW-B50 Semi Automatic Linerless Label Applicator Features
  • Prints and applies a Clear Thermal Wrapping Band Label to your product
  • Ability to apply thermally overprint band label to the product in a single pass
  • Enhance, protect and promote your premium product through transparency full wrap film labels
  • No Ribbon, no glue, no cutters or maintenance


Linerless Applicator Machine Overview

The CTW-B50 is a new unique concept that allows fast, efficient overprinting and application of a full wrap linerless label to your products. The CTW-B50 is an ideal replacement for cardboard sleaves that are commonly used on ready meal and food items packed in trays or plastic containers. The transparent clear film can be pre-printed to enhance, protect and ensure your product stands out ahead of the rest on the shelf whilst ensuring the correct amount of your product is visible to the quality conscious consumer. Banding utilises the ultrasonic principle to weld the material together to make an extremely strong join preventing rips or breakages during transit and in shop display.

Other Models

The CTW-B50 is the semi-automated model and there is another fully automated linerless application machine the CTW-AH500 that fits into your conveyor to fully automate the process.

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