New Zealand Post Return Label: Easy Return Solutions

New Zealand Post Return Label

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The world of e-commerce significantly witnesses consumer pleasure depending on the reliability and simplicity of the process. Hence, efficient return procedures are crucial to harness the full potential of the setup. New Zealand Post provides a simplified answer to the intricate realm of mail returns with its return labels, satisfying this requirement. 

This article aims to unravel the intricacies of New Zealand Post Return Labels, emphasising their practicality and the benefits they bring to the e-commerce landscape.

For a more thorough understanding of return labels and their significance in the shipping industry, please refer to our detailed guide – What Are Return Labels?

What are New Zealand Post Return Labels?

New Zealand Post return labels are pre-printed labels that facilitate the return of goods purchased online. They are designed for easy attachment to parcels, enabling customers to return items to the retailer or distributor without hassle. Return labels contain all the necessary information for shipping, including the return address and tracking details.

If you’re looking for return label services from different providers, the following guides can be valuable resources:

New Zealand Post Return Label

How to Create a New Zealand Post Return Label?

To create a New Zealand post-return label, follow these steps:

  1. Log In to NZ Post: Sign in to your NZ Post online account. Create one if you don’t have an account.
  2. Choose Return Label: In your account dashboard, find and select the ‘Create a Return Label’ option.
  3. Input Parcel Information: Fill in details about the parcel, such as its weight, dimensions, and the address it’s returning to.
  4. Select Service Type: Pick the return service that suits your needs, like Courier or Economy.
  5. Pay for the Label: Complete the payment for the label online, with the cost varying based on service and parcel size.
  6. Download and Print: After payment, download and print the return label.
  7. Attach Label to Parcel: Securely affix the label to your parcel, ensuring the barcode is visible.
  8. Drop Off or Arrange Pickup: Take the parcel to a NZ Post location or set up a pickup, depending on the service selected.

What Information is Present on New Zealand Post-Return Labels?

List of seven information required on an NZPost Return Label

The anatomy of the return labels look has been delineated below:

  • Return Address: Positioned prominently, usually at the top or in a central location on the label. This is the address of the retailer or distributor where the returned item is to be sent.
  • Tracking Number: Located near the return address or at the bottom of the label. This unique number allows the customer and the business to monitor the parcel’s journey.
  • Barcode: A barcode, typically a 1D barcode like Code 128 or Code 39, is printed on the label. It’s used for scanning at various points during the delivery process for tracking purposes. The barcode is usually placed centrally or at the bottom of the label.
  • QR Codes: If used, QR codes are generally found alongside or near the barcode. QR codes are not always present but may be included for additional functionality, such as easy access to tracking information or return instructions via a smartphone.
  • Postage Information: This includes details about the type of service used (e.g., standard, express) and is usually found near the barcode or tracking number.
  • Sender’s Information: Some return labels might include a section for the sender’s (customer’s) information, often located at the bottom or on the side of the label.
  • Instructions or Terms: If there are specific return instructions or terms, these are usually printed in a smaller font, either at the bottom of the label or on the back of the label is double-sided.


Please note that the exact layout and content can vary depending on the specific type of return label and the requirements of the retailer or New Zealand Post.

Types of New Zealand Post Return Services

The New Zealand post return services offer businesses various options under both domestic and international heads to provide return options to their customers. We’ll look at the various return options in this segment:


This domain deals with parcels delivered within New Zealand. The various courier facilities offered by New Zealand Post include:

Sending Small Parcels (up to 3 kg)

Courier Service (Fastest)

The Courier Service is New Zealand Post’s fastest option for small parcels up to 3 kg, promising next working day delivery. This service ensures that your parcel is delivered directly to the recipient’s door, providing convenience and speed. 

The cost for this service ranges from NZ$6.80 to NZ$15.00, depending on the parcel’s size and destination. It includes tracking, allowing both sender and recipient to monitor the parcel’s journey. 

For rural deliveries, an additional surcharge of NZ$5.50 is applied. 

This service also offers optional add-ons for enhanced delivery options, including a signature on delivery for an extra NZ$3.00 and Saturday delivery for an additional NZ$6.00, catering to the needs of those requiring more specific delivery arrangements.

Economy Service (Standard)

The Economy Service is the standard option for sending small parcels. It is a cost-effective service that ensures delivery within up to 3 working days, making it a suitable choice for non-urgent shipments. 

Parcels are delivered to the recipient’s letterbox, offering a convenient drop-off without personal reception. The pricing for this service ranges from NZ$4.80 to NZ$13.00, varying based on the parcel’s dimensions and destination. There is an additional surcharge of NZ$5.50 for deliveries to rural locations. 

The service includes tracking capability, providing peace of mind by allowing both the sender and recipient to follow the parcel’s progress. 

Sending Large Parcels (up to 25 kg)

Courier Service

For larger parcels weighing up to 25 kg, New Zealand Post’s Courier Service offers a swift and secure delivery solution. This service guarantees next working day delivery, ensuring larger items are transported promptly across New Zealand. 

The price for sending large parcels via this service varies between NZ$7.50 and NZ$185.00, depending on the parcel’s size and the delivery destination. A rural delivery surcharge of NZ$5.50 applies to deliveries to less accessible areas. 

This service includes tracking, allowing both the sender and the recipient to keep tabs on the parcel’s whereabouts and estimated delivery time. Additionally, customers can opt for extra services such as signature on delivery for an added fee of NZ$3.00 and Saturday delivery for an extra NZ$6.00, providing flexibility and additional security for essential shipments. 

The Courier Service for large parcels is ideal for those needing fast and reliable delivery for substantial items.

Courier Economy Service

The Courier Economy Service is the counterpart of the overnight Courier service, offering a cost-effective and reliable option for less urgent deliveries. This service ensures delivery within up to 3 working days, accommodating the needs of those who prefer a balance between speed and budget.

The pricing for this service ranges from NZ$22.00 to NZ$110.00, depending on the parcel’s dimensions and the destination within New Zealand. Similar to the standard Courier Service, it has tracking capabilities, allowing both the sender and recipient to keep tabs on the parcel’s progress. There is an additional surcharge of NZ$5.50 for rural deliveries, which accounts for the added distance and logistical requirements.

Sending Oversize Parcels (over 25 kg)

Express Service

For parcels exceeding 25 kg or those that are unusually shaped or large, New Zealand Post offers the Express Service, a solution designed for urgent, same-day deliveries within New Zealand. This premium service caters to the needs of those requiring fast and reliable transportation of substantial items, ensuring that even the most challenging parcels reach their destination swiftly.

The Express Service also provides real-time GPS tracking. It requires a signature upon delivery, offering high security and peace of mind. These features are particularly valuable for important or high-value items, where the sender and recipient can be assured of the parcel’s safety and timely arrival.

This service is ideal for across-town deliveries within the hour or same-day deliveries nationwide, depending on the specific requirements. 

Additional Services and Information

Urgent Same-Day Delivery

New Zealand Post provides an Urgent same-day delivery service for those moments when time is of the essence. This service is designed for situations where parcels must be delivered within the same day, regardless of size or shape.

This express service is not limited to small items; it is also suitable for large, heavy, or unusually shaped parcels that require immediate transportation. Including real-time GPS tracking and the necessity for a signature on delivery adds a layer of security and reliability to the service. This gives senders and recipients confidence in the safe and timely delivery of their items.

International Postage Services

New Zealand Post offers a range of international postage services, catering to various needs for speed, security, and cost-effectiveness in global shipping.

Economy Service

The Economy Service offered by New Zealand Post is tailored for those prioritising cost-efficiency over speed when sending parcels and documents internationally. This service is designed to balance affordability and delivery time, typically taking 3 to 13 working days to reach its destination. It offers extensive coverage, with access to 220 destinations worldwide, making it a versatile choice for global shipping.

While tracking is an optional feature, it adds an extra layer of security, which can be especially valuable for important documents. Additionally, there is an option for a signature on delivery. For added convenience, the Economy Service also offers home pickup.

One of the benefits of this service is that it provides coverage for items in case of loss or damage, up to NZ$2,000 in value. It is suitable for parcels weighing up to 20 kg, making it a reliable choice for various shipping needs.

Courier Service

The Courier Service is a fast and cost-effective way to send tracked parcels and documents overseas. Offering a delivery time of 2 to 6 working days, it caters to those needing a quicker, yet still economical, international shipping option. This service is available for 59 destinations, providing a reliable solution for a wide range of international shipping needs.

Key features of the Courier Service include comprehensive tracking and the option for signature on delivery. Additionally, home pickup is available, adding convenience to the shipping process. 

The service covers loss or damage up to NZ$5,000, offering significant protection for your items. It accommodates parcels up to 30 kg and letters up to 1 kg, making it suitable for various shipping requirements. 

Express Service

The Express Service is the fastest option for sending parcels and documents internationally. Tailored for urgent shipments, it promises a delivery timeframe of 1 to 5 working days, catering to those who require expedited international delivery. This premium service is available to a broad network of 220 destinations, ensuring wide-reaching global coverage.

A standout feature of Express Service is its comprehensive tracking system, coupled with the option for signature on delivery, which provides an extra layer of security and accountability. The convenience of home pickup is also offered, enhancing customers’ overall ease of use. 

In terms of coverage, the service protects against loss or damage up to NZ$10,000, one of the highest offered by New Zealand Post. It supports shipping parcels weighing up to 30 kg and letters up to 1 kg, accommodating a wide range of shipping needs. 

How to Print a New Zealand Post Return Service Label?

Four printers to print a New Zealand Post Return Service Label

Printing a return service label through NZPost is a straightforward process. Still, the choice of printer can significantly impact the quality and ease of printing. Among various printing technologies available, thermal printers are recommended for several compelling reasons.

Thermal printers are renowned for their efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness. They operate by using heat to transfer an image onto the label, eliminating the need for ink or toner. This reduces ongoing supply costs and minimises maintenance requirements and the risk of smudging, ensuring consistently clear and professional-looking labels. Thermal printers are also known for their speed and ability to handle large volumes of labels, making them ideal for both individual and business use. To learn how thermal print works, check out our article – How Does a Thermal Printer Work?  

While thermal printers are the preferred option, other technologies, such as inkjet and laser printers, can also be used when necessary. Here’s what you should know about them:

  • Inkjet Printers: These printers are commonly found in homes and offices. While they can be used to print return labels, their ink may smudge if exposed to moisture, and the ongoing cost of ink cartridges can be relatively high.
  • Laser Printers: Laser printers are better suited for high-volume printing tasks, offering speed and precision. However, they are generally more expensive upfront and require periodic toner replacements.


To explore the differences between thermal, laser, and inkjet print technologies in more detail, you can refer to the following guides:

  1. Thermal Printers Vs Inkjet Printers
  2. Thermal Printers Vs Laser Printers


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Create a New Zealand Post Return Label?

Create a return label by logging into your NZ Post account, selecting ‘Create a Return Label’, entering parcel details, choosing a service, paying for the label, and then printing and attaching it to your parcel.

Are New Zealand Post Return Labels Available for International Returns?

Yes, New Zealand Post Return Labels are available for international returns.

Can I Track My Parcel with a New Zealand Post Return Label?

Yes, each New Zealand Post Return Label includes a unique tracking number, allowing both the sender and recipient to track the parcel’s journey.

Is There a Weight Limit for Parcels Using New Zealand Post Return Labels?

The weight limit for parcels using New Zealand Post return labels varies based on the chosen service type, typically up to 25 kg for domestic and 30 kg for international shipments.

What Happens if I Lose My New Zealand Post Return Label?

If you lose your New Zealand Post Return Label, you can reprint it from your NZ Post online account or contact NZ Post customer service for assistance.

Can I Schedule a Pickup for My Return Parcel with New Zealand Post?

Yes, New Zealand Post offers a pickup service for return parcels, which can be arranged during the return label creation process.

Are There Additional Costs for Using New Zealand Post Return Labels?

The cost of using New Zealand Post Return Labels depends on the service type and parcel size. Additional fees for services like signature on delivery or rural delivery surcharges may apply.


New Zealand Post return labels offer a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for managing returns in e-commerce and retail. With domestic and international shipping options, these labels simplify the return process, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction. Whether small parcels or oversized items, New Zealand Post provides various services to meet diverse needs. 

The ease of creating return labels online further enhances the convenience, making it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals alike. Understanding and utilising these services can significantly streamline the return logistics, ultimately contributing to a smoother, more efficient postal experience.

We hope this article was useful. 

Thanks for reading! 

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