What is an Amazon LPN Label? – A Comprehensive Explanation 

amazon lpn label

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The Amazon LPN Label, a critical component in Amazon’s inventory management system, serves as a unique identifier for items within their vast distribution network. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the Amazon License Plate Number (LPN) Label, detailing its role in tracking and managing products, how it is generated and used in Amazon’s warehouses, and its impact on sellers in the Amazon ecosystem.

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What are Amazon LPN Labels?

Amazon LPN labels, short for ‘Amazon License Plate Number’ labels, are sophisticated alphanumeric barcoded tags essential to Amazon’s inventory control. These tags encode Amazon License Plate Numbers (LPNs), which are unique identifiers used by Amazon to track and manage inventory in their warehouses.  

Each LPN is associated with a specific item, ensuring precise tracking and efficient handling throughout the storage and shipping process. These labels meticulously track each item’s journey through the supply chain, from its initial reception to its ultimate delivery. 

Definition of Amazon LPN Labels

How Does Amazon LPN Number Work?

Four steps on how does Amazon LPN number work

Amazon LPN numbers operate through a streamlined, real-time process, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of inventory management. 

Step 1: Generating and Attaching LPN Labels

Each item received at an Amazon warehouse is assigned a unique Amazon License Plate Number. This LPN label, an alphanumeric barcode, contains detailed information and a tracking number about the product. 

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Step 2: Scanning and Recording

As items enter the warehouse, they undergo scanning with high-tech barcode scanners. These scanners read the LPN labels, transforming the barcode data into a digital format. This crucial step logs the item’s entry into Amazon’s system and kick-starts the tracking process.

Step 3: Data Integration and Processing

The scanned data from the LPN labels is instantly transmitted to Amazon’s central inventory management system. Their software processes the information, updating the item’s status, location, and other relevant details. Here, the real-time tracking of each product begins, allowing for precise inventory control.

Step 4: Real-Time Tracking and Management

With the data processed, Amazon’s system offers a comprehensive, real-time view of the inventory. It enables tracking items throughout the warehouse, managing their storage, and coordinating their movement. This system is essential for efficient warehouse operations, ensuring items are easily located, picked, and prepared for shipment.

Step 5: Seamless Integration with Shipping and Delivery

Finally, the LPN system integrates seamlessly with Amazon’s shipping and delivery network. As items are picked and packed for dispatch, their LPN ensures they are correctly routed and delivered to customers. This integration is key to Amazon’s promise of quick and accurate delivery, completing the cycle of the LPN’s role in inventory management.

Why Does Amazon Use LPN Sticker?

Two primary reasons for which Amazon use LPN sticker

Amazon uses LPN stickers for two primary reasons:

  • LPN stickers are employed for in-house operations and are instrumental in Amazon’s internal tracking and processing systems. They are a key tool in managing the flow of goods within the fulfilment centres, ensuring that every item is accurately accounted for and efficiently processed through various supply chain stages.
  • The numbers on LPN stickers are directly linked to Amazon’s FBA returns report, playing a significant role in the internal tracking of customer returns within the FBA framework. This connection allows for a more organised and transparent handling of returns, aiding Amazon in maintaining accurate records and providing insights for potential improvements in inventory management and customer satisfaction.

How do I Find the LPN Number Sticker?

The LPN sticker is a compact, white, rectangular label featuring smooth, rounded edges. It prominently displays a barcode beneath which a sequential string of numbers is followed by the inscription “LPN RR”. 

This sticker is strategically affixed over any existing FNSKU stickers or barcodes found on the packaging of items.

How Can I Find the LPN Number in My Return Reports?

To access these reports, sellers can follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Seller Central toolbar, hover over ‘Reports’, and select ‘Return Reports’.
  • Click on ‘View FBA Reports’.
  • Scroll down to ‘FBA customer returns’ under the ‘Customer Concessions’ section and click on ‘View downloads’.
  • Choose a specific Event Date and request a report in either .csv or .txt format.
  • Once the report is ready, download it from the ‘Report Status’ section.


Upon opening the report, sellers will find specific details such as Return Date, Order ID, SKU, ASIN, FNSKU (Fulfilment Network Stock Keeping Unit), Product Name, Quantity, Fulfilment Centre ID, Detailed Disposition, Reason for Return, Unit Status, License Plate Number, and Customer Comments. 

This data is invaluable for analysing return patterns, improving product quality, and making informed decisions to enhance customer satisfaction and business performance.

Why are LPN Return Labels Important?

LPN return reports are a critical tool for Amazon sellers, offering valuable insights into the return process. Regularly analysing these reports can significantly improve product quality and customer satisfaction. Some key aspects of their importance include:

  • Product Quality Enhancement: By examining the reasons for returns and customer feedback, sellers can identify and address quality issues, leading to better products and reduced return rates.
  • Return Rate Benchmarking: Monitoring return rates helps sellers gauge their performance and identify if adjustments in their products or business practices are needed.
  • Fulfilment Centre Insights: Sellers can determine which fulfilment centres have higher return rates, possibly indicating issues in handling or shipping processes.
  • Customer Perception Understanding: Understanding why customers return items, especially if they feel misled by product listings, can provide insights into customer behaviour and expectations.
  • Claims Management: The reports assist in identifying cases where filing claims with Amazon is necessary, such as for items damaged or lost by the fulfilment centre.


Regularly updating and reviewing a spreadsheet with return data allows sellers to spot trends in returns. This, in turn, helps them make informed decisions to enhance their business strategy and reduce the risk of failure. This proactive approach to managing returns is essential for Amazon’s long-term success.


In conclusion, the Amazon LPN Label is more than just a barcode; it is a vital cog in the Amazon logistics machine, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in inventory management. By uniquely identifying each item in the vast Amazon inventory, the LPN Label streamlines the process of tracking, storing, and shipping products, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of Amazon’s supply chain. 

For sellers and customers alike, the LPN Label represents the reliability and precision that Amazon is known for, making it an indispensable element in the world’s largest online retail platform. Understanding its functionality and significance helps sellers and consumers appreciate the sophistication behind Amazon’s seamless shopping experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an Amazon LPN Number?

An Amazon LPN, short for License Plate Number, is a unique alphanumeric identifier used in Amazon’s fulfillment centers to track and manage inventory efficiently.

How Are LPN Numbers Used in Amazon's Fulfillment Process?

LPN numbers are used to track items through the fulfilment process, manage inventory, facilitate efficient order processing, and handle returns.

Why Are LPN Barcode Stickers Important for Amazon Returns?

LPN stickers are crucial for accurately identifying returned items, assessing their condition, and determining appropriate actions like restocking or disposal.

Can Amazon FBA Sellers Access LPN Information?

Yes, Amazon FBA sellers can access LPN information through their Return Reports in Seller Central, which helps track and manage returns.

How Do LPN Numbers Improve Inventory Management?

LPN numbers improve inventory management by providing real-time tracking, preventing stock discrepancies, and ensuring accurate inventory records.

What Role Do LPN Numbers Play in Customer Satisfaction?

LPN numbers contribute to customer satisfaction by ensuring order accuracy, efficient handling of returns, and maintaining the overall quality of the fulfilment process.

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