The Datamax I-Class Mark II Printer

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The I-Class Mark II Thermal Label Printer is one of Datamax’s strongest offerings in a family of high-performance thermal label printers officially classified as a mid-level industrial printer. Datamax (now referred to as Honeywell) has been a leader in the high-quality printing industry for decades with a legendary reputation. Their products have been recognized throughout the industry as quality solutions for any labelling task.

After decades of stellar service on the 31st December 2021 the Datamax I-Class is going “end of life!” Please go to our Datamax Printer product page for the latest product availability.

You might be asking why are we writing a blog post on this printer as it is going end of life? Triton has been with Datamax since the beginning. We were instrumental in introducing the printer to the Australian and New Zealand markets and sold and serviced thousands of the printers over the last number of decades.  We are sad to see them go but we are looking forward to the future now with some exciting options ahead.

Datamax I-Class…it was good while it lasted!

Datamax I-Class Printer

Here are some of the standout features of what made Datamax such a stalwart in its class. Whilst some of these features were groundbreaking in their day, they are slowly being eclipsed by modern technology. You may be asking what is next for our solution customers?  For our Triton Software Solution, we are now recommending the Zebra printer range. Please check out the blog post announcing this exciting partnership with Zebra!

Many Standard Features

Datamax I-Class printers were built with a large number of standard features as well as a modular design that allows the user to keep up with new technology as it evolves. Over the years it has really held its own in the mid-range industrial class.

Print Speeds

Datamax I-Class Mark II prints up to 12 IPS for the I-4212e model! It includes a number of features that help it stand out from other printers in Datamax’s product lineup.

4212e; 304 mms (12 ips), 8 mmps (203 dpi)
I-4310; 254 mms (10 ips), 12 mmps (300 dpi)
I-4606; 152 mms (6 ips), 24 mmps (600 dpi)

Rugged Construction

The I-Class Mark II printers are encased in an all-metal exterior, and many models feature a protective steel case around the printer mechanism to protect from physical damage. Datamax printers are reliable, heavy-duty solutions that are well-suited for industrial environments.


The standard model comes with Serial RS232, USB 2.0, Parallel bi-directional.

Datamax offers free configuration software that will help you assign printing parameters so that Datamax printers can be easily integrated into any existing network.

Optional Interfaces

I-Class printers are equipped with an optional Ethernet connection, which allows you to connect the printer to your network. In addition an optional 802.11b/g wireless interface kit is available. This kit includes a radio card, an antenna and a cable. The kit provides a fast, easy way to add wireless capabilities to your Datamax printer.

Internal Memory

I-Class printers come standard with a large internal memory.  This allows you to download fonts and graphics from your computer or network, so that they are always available when you need them.

Emulation Support

Datamax I-Class printers feature Datamax and Zebra emulation, so Datamax I-Class printers can be easily integrated into existing Datamax and Zebra networks.

Modular Design

The I-Class Mark II printer’s modular design makes it easy to service and upgrade. Parts and components can easily be replaced so that your printer is always up and running. This also means that you can keep your printer current with the latest technology advances simply by upgrading the modules

Industrial Applications

The I-Class printers have been designed for industrial applications and can handle a wide range of printing tasks. From shipping and receiving to manufacturing and laboratory environments, Datamax I-Class printers are the perfect solution for high-quality printing needs.

Media Compatibility

The I-Class Mark II Thermal Label Printer can print on a variety of label and tag stocks, including, Continuous form, Die-cut or fan folded tags, Roll form labels and more.

Media Width Range: 25.4 mm (1.0 in) to 118.1 mm (4.7 in) Minimum Media Length: Tear-off and rewind modes: 6.4 mm (0.25 in) Peel and cutter modes: 25.4 mm (1.0 in)

Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer

The I-Class Mark II supports both direct thermal and thermal transfer option printing technologies, so you can choose the printing method that best meets your needs.

Print Quality

The I-Class Mark II printers provide superior print quality at resolutions up to 600 dots per inch. This ensures that your labels will be clear and easy to read, even when they are small or crowded. The model comes in 203 dpi (dots per inch), 300 dpi, however as mentioned, the printer can be configured with 600 dpi for high-resolution printing.

Labelling Applications

Datamax printers are ideal for a variety of labelling applications, including shipping and receiving labels, Cable bundling labels, asset tracking labels, nameplates and product identification labels, QR Code, Datamax I-Class printers also support a wide range of bar code symbologies.


Typical options include Peel and present, rewind to allow rewind modes, cutter to allow cutter modes and a host of other options.


Datamax I-Class Thermal Printer is backed by a 1-year warranty.

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